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February is Jewish Disability Month. We mark February 25, 2015 as our fifth convening of Jewish Disability Advocacy Day. Professionals and lay leaders are invited to Capitol Hill to raise awareness of their work and passion relating to individuals with disabilities and their families. It is also an opportunity for participants to celebrate passage of important legislation, to learn about relevant public policy issues, and to advocate on these issues with their elected officials. Click here for registration details.

On the first day of the new Congress, Republicans symbolically bound themselves to what is certain to be a controversial reform of the federal disability insurance program, which would probably occur near the height of the 2016 presidential campaign. Continue reading here.

Social Security Disability Payments Will Be Cut by a Fifth If Congress Doesn't Act, January 7, 2014, Washington Post, by Max Ehrenfreund

Repair the World is launching an initiative to continue the conversation and take action with Turn-the-Tables.org, an MLK Day campaign dedicated to providing a platform for discussion and service-based action on racial inequality. Repair the World is encouraging everyone to use Friday, January 16th as an opportunity to break bread and reflect on racial injustice issues. If your agency would like to participate please contact David Eisner for a kit, which will include conversation starters, thought-provoking activities and Swag. Additional materials can be found here including social media aids.