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AJFCA sees each Member Agency as a Thought Leader. You are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in our fields of expertise. You are trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas. You turn ideas into reality, and know and show how to replicate your success.

During the month of September AJFCA will share your reflections with the network as we work together to raise awareness surrounding National Recovery and Hunger Awareness months. Click here to view AJFCA's archives to learn more about National Recovery and Hunger Awareness months from the AJFCA Network.

If your agency has a piece to share with the network please email Megan.

The National Human Services Assembly (National Assembly) submitted public comments on the Department of Labor's (DOL) proposed rule to update the exemptions to the overtime pay requirement under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). As you may know, the proposed rule, published on July 6, 2015, would increase the minimum salary threshold to approximately $50,000, below which employers would be required to pay the overtime wage rate for work in excess of forty hours per work week. Learn more here.

Update: The National Assembly Submits Comments to the Department of Labor on Overtime Pay Requirements, September 9, 2015, NHSA

The National Resource Center for Supported Decision Making, operated by Quality Trust, an ACL grantee, is expanding its library of supported decision-making resources. Supported decision-making empowers older adults and people with disabilities by ensuring that they are the ultimate decision-makers in their  lives. In addition, the model is flexible enough to allow people to receive support from others in some areas of their lives, while still maintaining overall self-determination and control.

Supported decision-making tools can include durable powers-of-attorney, advance directives, health care proxies, representative payee regimes, direct bank deposit systems, and peer support programs. Please submit materials to Shirley Bondon, Quality Trust's Health and Aging Policy Fellow.